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Hogwart's Role Play
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This is a Harry Potter RPG :]

We are starting off the summer after year four [the Goblet of Fire]. Because of recent events, Dumbledore thinks it might be good for students to write down their thoughts and feelings or just have something to do that in. He has given everyone these livejournals and means of communicating [AIM]. It is almost like a project for all students.

1] Please follow all rules, aha.
2] I am open to basically all storylines ... except over the top ones. If you think an RP might be over the top, talk to me about it and we'll see if it's okay. I like to stay true to characters ... you know?
3] NO SLASH. Please. NO SLASH. It would never happen. Okay?
4] I've decided to start this RPG after Goblet of Fire. So, Dumbledore is not dead. Cedric is dead. Sirius is not dead.
5] No OOC drama ... thanks.
6] The rules aren't that hard, but so I know you read them, after I put: avada kedavra in the entry form, you put expelliarmus.
7] Update at least every two weeks. Activeness is key.
8] No original characters until we get most of the characters. Names you've seen in the books are alright because we know they exist.
9] I am accepting adult characters.
10] Please have your first entry up before applying
11] Please have your LJ and AIM screen name ready before applying.
12] We do most, or all, of our RPing on AIM. Please get AIM if you want to apply.
13] After you are accepted, add all the characters and join the community.
15] If you need to post in the community, it must be friends only.
16] I may do different Role Playing than you. Questions? IM me [danghomiex] or email me [sparklebug138@aol.com]
17] Again, no slash ;]
18] HAVE FUN!!!!

Taken Characters

Hermione Granger // cleverness_ // aim: booksxcleverness
Ron Weasley // i_hate_spiders_ // aim: cant be brok3n
Ginny Weasley // ginnyisawitch // aim: BoyCrush184
Fred Weasley // xdarkdragonx // aim: allstar35610
Harry Potter // harry_potter__x // aim: H4RRY x p0tter

Ivory Snear // miss__snear // aim: the x DARK MARK
Draco Malfoy // xdark_solacex // aim: xforbiddndancex


Mandy Brocklehurst // mandybrockrox // aim: Gryffindor Yank

Bellatrix Black // x___bella // aim: sly SLYTHERIN xx
Viktor Krum // i_am_viktorkrum // aim: BravesTitans